Founded in 1857 making leather equipment for horse and carriage trade, KONI has a long and proud history of providing leading, durable, and experience improving technology. KONI has experience and know-how when it comes to suspension, first becoming involved in automobile dampers in 1932 with friction type shock absorbers, before commencing production of adjustable telescopic dampers in 1945.  KONI specifically designs and produces shocks absorbers to suit passenger vehicles, 4WD vehicles, trucks, buses, trailers, and railway.  KONI has over 60 years of experience in the motorsport field, beginning in 1955 producing applications for rally events, before entering Formula 1 with Ferrari in 1958.  Over 60 years later, KONI is still involved in many facets of international motorsport.

As the maker of the industry’s very first adjustable shock absorber, electronic drag racing shocks and today’s patented FSD (Frequency Selective Damping) technology, KONI has long demonstrated that product improvement means product innovation.

As undisputed leaders in the market, technical capabilities and experience built over the past 150 years, the goal of KONI is to manufacture and sell high quality, top performing shock absorbers; creating the best experience for everyone on the move.