Comfort and road holding are two of the most important characteristics required for optimum drive and safety of a bus.

Companies like NeoMan (Neoplan), Van Hool, TransBus International, VDL Bus International and Volvo equip their coaches and buses with KONI, due to the comfort improvement and the long life-time.

KONI has developed several bus damper ranges to specifically address these characteristics as well as durability and noise reduction, providing the best ride for passenger transportation.

Defining the next step in the evolution of bus suspension technology.
Enjoy the ride with the innovative EVO 99; the revolutionary shock absorber exclusively designed for bus applications. Due to the EVO 99, the drive and ride experience of a bus has never felt so smooth and comfortable.
KONI has developed a new revolutionary shock absorber which defines the next step in the evolution of bus suspension technology. The EVO 99 amongst others reduces the axle induced chassis vibration and noise to an absolute minimum resulting in a limousine-like driving experience. Whilst the passenger will enjoy maximum ride comfort, the bus driver has full control in any condition providing maximum safety and reliability. Low operating costs are ensured by unrivalled design solutions resulting in reduced weight, minimum investment costs and maximum durability.


Why our EVO 99 is the best partner for service conscious bus operators and fleet owners?
Vehicle fleets are a significant investment for transit organisations.
Every vehicle failing to perform, impacts customer satisfaction and leads to high costs. KONI’s shock absorbers do not only offer an extended life time over standard shock absorbers – due to better control of vibration –  they also extend the life cycle of other suspension related parts like steering joints, bearings and tires. Alongside that, the new state of the art technology ensures that both the passengers as well as the driver will arrive at their destination having encountered the highest level of comfort available today in any Bus or Coach – a smooth drive , less noise, less vibrations, less fatigue all resulting in more safety.
KONI EVO 99 Bus shocks will become available for a whole range of popular bus- and coach brands such as Bova, Irisbus, MAN, Mercedes, Neoplan, Renault, RVI, Setra, Solaris, Scania, Temsa, Van Hool and VDL.

KONI continues to supply the proven 88, 90 and 92 type dampers, which provide maximum drivability and road-holding. Whether driving passengers around town, shuttle trips between attractions, or long highway tours a KONI damper will improve every situation your bus goes through.

Profit from every driven kilometre
KONI dampers have the lowest cost per kilometre.  We applied some of the most robust materials and cutting-edge technologies to give you that extra profit for every driven kilometre. How? By reducing wear and tear on all our dampers you will reduce costs for maintenance, have less hassle when exchanging worn out dampers and gain more mileage on the road. But before you have to replace one of our dampers, you can comfortably drive for quite some time.
Our BTT dampers have a very long life time. Superior performance, comfort and efficiency rooted in finest research and testing, that’s why it pays to ride a KONI.

Comfort is one of the most important items for the performance of a bus. However, vehicle damping has always been a compromise between comfort and road-holding. Minimum damping is required for passenger comfort whilst strong damping is needed for safe and stable driving. This conflict of goals can not be solved with conventional shock absorbers.
KONl shock absorbers with Frequency Selective Damping (FSD) technology, have been specifically designed for passenger carrying vehicles and they combine the ultimate in comfort and road-holding.
Companies like NeoMan (Neoplan), Van Hool, TransBus International, VDL Bus International and Volvo equip their coaches and buses with KONI due to the comfort improvement and the long life-time.

Potholes and imperfections in the road surface will not be felt by the passengers and they will experience a higher level of comfort. At the same time road-holding is improved.

As FSD is an integrated part of the hydraulic system of the damper, no additional cables, sensors or air hoses are required.

Dampers with FSD can replace conventional dampers without changes to the construction of the vehicle.

It is an economical solution to achieve a considerable improvement of the ride of a bus or coach.

The FSD dampers have the same, very long life, as conventional KONl shock absorbers, without any maintenance requirement.

FSD dampers have already been successfully and extensively road tested by leading bus manufacturers.

For buses there is a special type of steering damper: type 88. This damper reliably suppresses spontaneous shimmy and front wheel flutter, whilst keeping the steering wheel steady. The damper functions over a stroke of 70 mm, i.e. over 35 mm on both sides from the centre position. Hence, steering will not be hampered by cornering and the steering wheel will automatically return to the centre position without any resistance.



  •  Suppressed shimmy
  •  Less front wheel flutter
  •  Steady steering
  •  Long life time
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