The FH Parts range of coil over fitting hardware products available from Toperformance Products are designed and engineered by Toperformance Products, and manufactured locally in Victoria.  Designed to fit the KONI shock absorber dimensions, and to suit both King and Eibach spring internal diameters, FH Parts complement the high quality range of products available from Toperformance Products.

C Spanner

Threaded Sleeve
Available in different lengths and internal diameters, also available with internal gland nut thread to assist with fitting the KONI insert range.

Spring Seat
Available for top and bottom of the spring.  Bottom spring with thread to suit the different threaded sleeve ranges.

Lock Ring
Made to fit below the Spring Seat and lock together to prevent any movement.  Has a lip to assist with separating the Seat and Ring when adjustment is required.

Threaded Top
When modifying your strut, the Threaded Top provides a replacement top with internal thread to allow the gland nut to thread in.

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