For the truck and trailer market where durability and economy is vital, KONI has specifically designed a range of shock absorbers to cater for the different environments encountered by commercial vehicles, around the world.

Specially designed and manufactured trailer dampers are the preferred damper of choice for many OEM’s throughout Australia and Europe, where repeated performance and strength is a necessity.

From commercial vans, to trucks and trailers, KONI continually works to improve road holding, durability and longevity on an extensive range of dampers.  With adjustability also an option on some models, KONI shock absorbers have proven to work for hundreds of thousands of kilometres.  KONI dampers provide the lowest cost per kilometre for truck owners.

Commercial vans and light distribution trucks benefit greatly from the installation of KONI shock absorbers. With these vehicles becoming more popular by the day KONI has developed a wide range of shock absorbers tailor made to suit.  Depending on the vehicle suspension design, KONI have available an 87 series complete McPherson strut or the 80, 82, and 88 series shock absorbers.

Truck, tractors and construction equipment benefit from an extensive range of KONI dampers. Durability, adjustability, comfort and road holding are combined in a specific range of dampers that can be used from deserts to the  arctic on all possible roads.  KONI continues to supply the proven 88, 90 and 92 type dampers, which provide maximum drivability and road-holding.

Profit from every driven kilometre
KONI dampers have the lowest cost per kilometre.  We applied some of the most robust materials and cutting-edge technologies to give you that extra profit for every driven kilometre. How? By reducing wear and tear on all our dampers you will reduce costs for maintenance, have less hassle when exchanging worn out dampers and gain more mileage on the road. But before you have to replace one of our dampers, you can comfortably drive for quite some time.
Our BTT dampers have a very long life time. Superior performance, comfort and efficiency rooted in finest research and testing, that’s why it pays to ride a KONI.

Trailer dampers with the 91 series KONI have one of the strongest shock absorbers for the trailer market.

Since being introduced in 1999, this unique trailer damper developed by KONI for horizontal use, has become the strongest, best performing product on the market.
OEM’s prefer the damper, especially for extreme conditions such as in Australia and Eastern Europe, where the high temperature performance and strength is a must-have for survival.

An extensive aftermarket program is also available for all trailers.


New innovation – the Type 91

The 91 type trailer damper has proven that it is in a class of it’s own. With its unique features this damper is popular amongst OE manufacturers and in the aftermarket. Leading trailer manufacturers specify 91 type trailer dampers and are convinced of its quality by the long lifetime.

A unique market leading design

  • 10 tons static load capacity – important for ‘roll-on/roll off’ transport.
  • Weight reduction due to new plastic cover.
  • Thicker piston rod can cope with higher sideways forces.
  • Enables extremely high working temperatures due to new types of seals and special oil.
  • Can be mounted horizontally to reduce suspension height and maximise trailer volume.


  • Reduce freight movement and damage.
  • Less wear on tyres and other suspension components.
  • Extend trailer life.


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